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Our history

In 1975 Agr. Eng. Eduardo Vivero Navarrete founded Seracsa in Costa Rica, a wholesale importer of fertilizers, agrochemicals and seeds. The first headquarters was located in Cartago. In 1988, Seracsa's new and current headquarters was inaugurated in San Diego, La Unión, where the headquarter offices, formulation plant, laboratory, seed chamber and distribution center are located. A year later, the formulation of specialized foliar fertilizers and herbicides, among others, begins at this plant. In 2001, the companies Biosemillas and SupliJardines were founded, specializing in the commercialization of hybrid seeds and gardening products, respectively.  Consequently, Grupo Seracsa is formed. In 2011, the emblematic El Semillero store in San José was acquired. Today we are a group of leading companies in the formulation and commercialization of high-tech nutritional solutions, foliar fertilizers, biostimulants, nutriprotectors, nutritional correctors, etc., in addition to agrochemical products, adjuvants, seeds, among others. We commercialize our products through more than 200 points of sale in Costa Rica and we successfully export in the region.

Presence in the region

We are present in nine markets in the region.

We have the experience and agility to register products in any market at the hands of our registration department.

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Committed to offering high quality products


Modern and
innovative solutions


Corporate responsibility

Grupo Seracsa maintains a policy of harmony and respect for the environment in all its processes. Committed to this, different programs have been developed including EcoSeracsa, the Seracsa Environmental Project (awarded the Ecological Blue Flag - Climate Change) and Sembrando Alegría.

Separación de residuos

EcoSeracsa Program

In 2011, the waste separation and recycling program was created, with which it seeks to improve our manufacturing processes, making them more ecological and educating and raising awareness in the local community about climate change and pollution.


Ecological Blue Flag

This award recognizes the effort of our Environmental Program, which we have carried out in accordance with the protection of natural resources, the implementation of actions to face climate change, the search for better sanitary hygienic conditions and the improvement of the public health of the inhabitants of Costa Rica.

Certification for
organic agriculture

Aware of the new demands of the market, we have developed products with EcoLogic NOP USDA (USA), MAG (Costa Rica) and CEE (European Union) certification. 

Sembrando Alegría Program

In 2016 the program was created to get closer to our local San Diego community. We organize a Children's Day party for 100+ very low-income children in which we share with them, give gifts and raise awareness about environmental issues.

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